it's been a while since Moviepass has launched. I was one of the first members. I quite liked it at the beginning where there was not enough user to cause drama or bugs in the system. However, after they hit the news and stuff, they started crashing so bad like they were losing $10 million a month. That is quite a lot for a startup.


Where did they go wrong?


They couldn't do risk analyze well. It all started with good intentions but they couldn't see how many people could sign up for the system. They could've stopped signing up the user but at the same time, they needed money to run the company. However, they couldn't afford to keep doing it. They started shutting down theaters and show times. And all the money they were making has started going away. No showtime and no theaters anymore if you are not the lucky handful customers to get them. So I just called them and canceled my membership. Now I can feel like moviepass is just like a ghost town. 


So I signed up for AMC A-List membership. All transaction was all smooth. You also know it's AMC. They will keep the promise has been given. Theaters are really good. You can see all the showtimes and theaters available around you. You can do online check-in and get your seat right away. Only cons I can say is they have to show your ID everytime you are at the door. They just want to make sure your subscription is not used by anyone so no one takes advantage of the system. Besides that as a membership owner, I really like it and definitely recommend. it's $25 a month and it's 3 movies a week. After the second movie, you get what you paid for. Rest of it is just yours.