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Is Openbay Car Repair Service really worth to try or is it just scam ?

New technologies bring lots of new, good and sometimes bad things to people. It is hard to tell every new technology good or bad. Maybe they were just born to die. So What is Openbay? Openbay is a company where you can find dealers and mobile repair shop around you. You can choose what is wrong with your car and those repair shop will reply with quotes. In theory, it sounds great. But how do you trust those services? Well I looked into that and they guarantee on those services shop

It still looks good, isn't it? Wait until you hear my personal experience.

I have an oil leak in my car and I took it to BMW dealer to see where it is really leaking from. So I got the paperwork because even tho I have a BMW that doesn't mean that I will fix it there. So I got my inspection paperwork and I learned Oil was leaking from oil housing gasket and it was $700.It sounded expensive. So I left. I requested service within a few days through Openbay. Bom! I got a service quote for $382. I am like wow okay that sounds perfect! They even come to me! what can it be better right? So the guy shows up in a sedan(which I was expecting a little bit more professional. come on). Anyway He opens the hood and I ask him 

-Hey I got this inspection form but I want you to check it again that if the oil is leaking from there and he said yes it is obvious, Then I am like 

-Okay, let's start right?

He started working on my car and was done in like 3 hours. Then He calls me there was something on my car I am like okay what is it he said ignition coil needs to be changed. I said fine for that too which was $225(later I learned it was only $90 labor included) So It had started shady. You never know thinking you will get things done cheaper but it ends up costing more. So he changes that too. Later He calls me again saying that there is a problem and I am like what this time? he says

- oil leaking from somewhere else not from that place. And I told him that You checked it and it was right there as you said. He said yeah sorry blah blah. and made my car way worse now my car is leaking oil way worse. 


After all, I am thinking openbay will have my back on this. I ended up calling them and they were like no We can not refund you. Our repair person performed the repair and I was like he did perform it. I wish he didn't. If He was trying to break my car, he performed it all good. But my car is no good anymore. So I ended up paying a total $607 and my car is not even fixed. 



Long story short. Sometimes you think you are so smart and beat the system. Get a cheaper price. But if these kinds of companies don't get customer's back they are just born to die. Customer service is the most important part of the business. That is how you grow your business. But Openbay doesn't seem like they care at all. However, I have still luck to go through my bank and dispute this scam. So DON'T USE OPENBAY. DON'T PAY CASH TO ANY MECHANIC. SO AT LEAST YOUR BANK CAN HAVE YOUR BACK!

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